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Samples of both agency and freelance work, written for a wide range of audiences and purposes.

music Reviews

You know the old adage: if you can't play an instrument, torture musicians by writing about their music. I jest. Writing album and show reviews was some of the most fun I've ever had. It pushed me creatively and introduced me to some really fantastic bands. To those about to read, I salute you.

hard news

Ok, these clips are old. BUT. They exist. And, I'm proud of them. I was able to accomplish a decent amount as 20-something, so while the news may be out of date, it's important to know that I still have the chops. A sampling from my days at the New York Daily News and The Daily Californian.


The official title of my PhD dissertation was: “Two legged wombs: the hijacking of the female body, reproductive politics and naïve feminism in young adult dystopian fiction”, but, really, I wrote a novel that I called The Record of Lucy English.


What you'll find here are the first two chapters of my rewrite. The first draft was a valiant first pass, but here Lucy is finding her voice and her world has gotten a lot more sinister.

creative Nonfiction

For the brave. "Ugh. Anyway." is a blog I started in 2019 to play with voice and explore structure. The subject: love, heartbreak and running around like a lunatic in New York City in my early 20s. Buckle up.


While I have always been interested in mental and physical health, I really started to do the work, learning and running (and CrossFitting and yoga-ing...) in the early 2010s.


"Erin Gets Gone" is a blog I started to track this journey and provide inspiration to others. It is unpolished and stream-of-consciousness, but it is sincere.


Additionally, this past August I published a freelance article with the popular MindBodyGreen.

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