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Let's Get Started.

You know you want to.


That big, scary, project - the one sets your hair on fire and gets your gut all fluttery and nervous in the good way - well, it's just waiting for you to begin.


The world needs what you're offering, and I'll help you get from idea to finished project. 

Brand Storytelling

How you communicate with your audience, and, in turn, how your clients resonate with your words, is a deeply powerful moment and pivotal business transaction.

  • Have an idea that's in the formation stage? Nebulous feelings, wisps of ideas, vision boards of brand inspiration are my jam.

  • I'll coach you on how to make these seedlings flourish into a fully-realized voice, persona and brand identity.

  • Together we'll harness your written assets into streamlined messaging that is uniquely YOU.



The idea of writing a blog post or revising website copy sending you running screaming to Netflix for a procrastination binge? I got you.

  • When I write your blog posts, newsletters, social media captions or website copy, I adopt your voice, your persona — your kickass brand.

  • We discuss your content, identify key information and takeaways.

  • I write the copy and you zhuzh as you see fit before you post. 


Creative Writing

If you've always felt you've had a book in you, or a story that you wanted to tell, you've come to the right place. A lifelong creative writer, I've nurtured kernels of ideas into full-length novels. When we work together, I meet you wherever you are in your process.

  • Just starting out? We'll brainstorm together and get you writing.

  • Stuck in the morass of the middle section? I'll coach you through your blocks and send you back on your way to the grand finale.

  • Have a complete draft? I provide proofreading and editing services to spot not only typos, but also plot holes, stilted dialogue and where you need to trim the fat.


Public Speaking

Whether your dream is to give a TED Talk, or you just want to get through your next IG Live without wanting to pass out, I will coach you through the art of oral storytelling.  We can work on:

  • story arc and key information landmarks

  • humor, timing and audience engagement

  • mindfulness based anxiety reduction

  • colorful, dense language that mesmerizes without alienating

  • editing down or fleshing out where need be

Let's do this!

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