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Copywriting Work

Agency work: Written for a variety of clients in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry. all work has gone through the agency lifecycle from collaboration with design to client approval process to launch.

Press Releases

Sample press release announcing a client's facility grand opening and ribbon cutting event.


Sample of marketing emails sent to distribution list of over 80K readers.

brand strategy

Sample messaging map presented to client for a new messaging campaign. Approved without edits.


Sample LinkedIn post, promoting a recent article published by client.


Complete website copy for three clients with three distinct voices and three different desired outcomes.

Freelance work: Written for snack box subscription service, Universal Yums, these product descriptions redefine the idea of playing with your food — and might just have you heading to the vending machine.


Goat Cheese & Espelette Chili Potato Chips


A little bit nutty, a little bit spicy — and a lotta bit delicious.

France’s first chipsier to offer flavored crisps, Brets is a family company from Brittany committed to innovation, sustainability and bold bites. This month’s Yum is no exception. The creamy buttery yumness of the chèvre is complemented by un petite kick from the rather special Espelette chili pepper. A true national treasure, the government of France has awarded the piment d’Espelette an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée — a certificate of authenticity. C’est what?! And if that wasn’t fancy enough, the peppers, native to the Basque region, are even honored with an annual festival every October. Now that’s a chip we can get behind!


Apple Cinnamon Strudel Gummy Sticks


A traditional Czech dessert, to-go!

The first strudel recipe on record? 1696. That’s over 300 years of yum! Popularized throughout Europe by the Habsburg Empire, the most common type of strudel is a gooey, flaky swirl of rich apple filling and golden pastry. In fact, the word strudel means “whirlpool” in its original Middle High German. Strudel’s yum factor is so legit, that not only is it the national dish of Austria, but it’s also the official pastry of Texas. Mocca, a family business nestled beneath Ještěd — the highest mountain peak in the northern Czech Republic — has given us this portable version of the beloved Czech dessert. Have strudel. Will travel.


Devil Chili Potato Chips


Wickedly spicy and wildly savory Thai chips.

When there are actual slices of crispy sichuan peppers in the bag, you know these chips are going to bring some heat — and they might even clear your sinuses. While Thai cuisine these days is known for its varying levels of spice, its origins are highly influenced by the famously spicy Sichuan cuisine of China. The Sichuan flavor’s signature star is what’s called mala: the sensation of “spice and numbing.” Thai peppers rank about 15 times hotter than jalapeños on the official spicy-measuring Scoville scale, making these deeply aromatic Thai chips all about the mala.


Usagi Balls


Indonesian Corn Puffs Loaded with BBQ.

Indonesian snack company Dua Kelinci didn't always make sweet, savory, barbequey Usagi Balls — the company got its start repacking and distributing peanuts. Not native to Indonesia, the peanut is thought to have arrived to the island nation in the 16th century through Spanish traders, and has since become a staple in snacks and Indonesian cooking. Pecel is a Javanese yum made of vegetables and a gingery-limey-peanut sauce. More well known might be the peanut sauce that comes with grilled satay meat skewers. Which brings us back to these BBQ puffs. We think you might just agree with Usagi's slogan, Selalu Mau Lagi: I always want more!

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