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e.m. gallagher, phd

copywriter | creative writer | tea drinker | human


Erin M. Gallagher has been writing for as long as she can remember, and has reams of tattered yellow legal paper to prove it. In grad school, she convinced her dissertation committee to let her write a Young Adult Dystopian novel instead of the prescribed literary analysis, and she earned her PhD with the first draft of a novel entitled The Record of Lucy English. Erin is currently rewriting Lucy to prepare for the market. 

In addition to writing creatively, Erin has worked as a journalist, covering hard news for the New York Daily News and writing album and show reviews for a variety of music magazines.

In 2003, Erin joined the New York City Teaching Fellows program, kickstarting 18 years of teaching at the middle, high school and college level. Over the years, she has taught writing, literature, public speaking, business communications, and even one middle school Spanish class, but never mind that. Being an educator has taught Erin so much about life, people, communicating, time management and wellness. 




  • Straightforward and honest, but also empathetic, kind and diplomatic

  • Understands people and has good intuition

  • Familiar with: Canva, Wix, Wordpress, Hubspot, Teamwork, Invision (and more!)

  • Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Coach

  • Certified Life/Resilience Coach

  • Believes oatmeal cookies are better than chocolate chip and cannot be convinced otherwise

  • Keen editing eye. Despises typos and errant apostrophe marks

  • Would be a drummer in a rock band in another life

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